Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cradle the Sun - A Picture Book

I have been working diligently on a picture book for the past half year. It's been a truly experiential journey in all the ways a creative endeavour can be. I've been through various ups and downs of whether or not to make it purely visual, caring critiques via peers of what works and what doesn't, and slowly but surely falling in love with the characters that I've created. The latter has been the most fruitful part of the ride, as it's taught me a lot about tuning into myself, which has only helped to give a voice and intimacy to a story that started out as a challenge and became more and more personal over time.

The story in short:
A young boy and girl, each on opposite sides of the world, suffer a tremendous loss. Through ancient songs and the aid of animal spirits, they find a way to meet at the edge of the world to forge a new beginning.

In many ways, I feel that this story found me more than I found it. The subject matter is definitely not the conventional fodder of an already rich children's lit field. I am actively resisting a genre or categorization for it. My only hope is that it resonates with readers and they remember it when they have the opportunity to help a stranger or loved one.

As this is my current passion project, I will try my very best to keep you updated with progress, insights into my process, and teases of the work itself (above for instance, a side by side shot of a storyboard and finished page). Thank you as always.

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