Friday, March 31, 2017

First Snow

This piece is inspired by a story a lovely patron related to me. He has been volunteering as a trip leader to disadvantaged kids by taking them up into the mountains to cross country ski. This particular child had just immigrated from Vietnam and was experiencing snow for the first time in his life, pretending to be a dolphin. In that moment, the patron almost broke down crying thinking that one day, the pure joy this young boy experienced could be replaced by what society dictates for him. But then he remembered my artwork and was comforted by how a lot of it reflects wonderment in the world. And so it goes with so many things that time brings us in its bittersweet manner.

So may you, as you are now, experience these moments still. Remember that you are still this child inside. That you can still taste snow for the first time and let that wonder spill out into the world.

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