Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Concept Art - Boat Sequence

Silhouettes - If you took some of your favorite cartoon characters or even movie icons and only saw them as black silhouettes, I would bet dollars to donuts you could still identify them. Such is the power of a good silhouette.

This piece of quick and dirty concept art was a way for me to see how best to construct a set for my girl character to climb to the top of. Which of these feel most foreboding or monumental?

I made these boats into custom brushes, so that I could make many boats at different sizes and shapes to create the preceding pieces. Photoshop custom brushes are often a great way to go when it comes to prototyping a scene without overthinking things too much.
This scene was inspired by a tsunami documentary I saw recently where you saw dozens of boats just stacked up against each other. I heightened them here for dramatic purposes, as I wanted the girl to be able to really climb a tall structure, for what she sees at the top needs to be seen from a wide angle. Not to mention the act of climbing can be a metaphor for moving on and upwards.


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