Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Recently, one of my most favorite directors and storytellers, Yasmin Ahmad, passed away from complications due to a stroke. Although little known in the west outside of film festivals, her films always had the uncanny ability to allow an audience see the great connective tissue between us rather than the illusory, fear driven barriers we erect in the name of culture, class, and race.

This drawing is what I felt after seeing her breakout hit, "Sepet" (a Malay slur for slanted eyes), about the cross cultural relationship between a Chinese boy and a Muslim Malay girl. If you can find it, watch it. It's truly a gem.

For those who are wondering, "Sayang" is the affectionate Malay word for darling or sweetheart. For those who may be interested in seeking out the Sepet trilogy, here's one place, as well as a trailer:


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Thank you for sharing your wisdom, insight, spirit, and love with us. You're a blessing!