Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Proverbial Mother Load

Although I've been promising myself for bloody ages to revamp my website, there is some part of my brain that has built a vast Mordor like fortress to resist such an act of insurgency. Hence this blog. So what I present before you now is a few months' worth of personal and professional work for your enjoyment.

The following is a series of tarot like cards that I've been working on and off of now for the better part of the year. They have been really enjoyable to work on and although there seems to be a theme, I do see it veering off in several directions, much like a fever dream. I'm posting them in the order that I created them.

(For you digiart types, I drew them all in a wacom tablet with one customized brush.)


Tina said...

Oh Kevin, I love your blog! The design of the cards is amazing: It's mystical, dream-like, surreal and colourful. There are 78 cards in Tarot; I am looking forward to see the whole set of them :)

Ben Bays said...

Kevin, these cards are awesome. I have been thinking about making a Tarot game for like 10 years now. Something really outside the box. We should talk.