Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yours truly got interviewed!

Recently, a very cool blog on all things Asian pop culture, contacted me about a possible interview. Once I said yes, I was treated to some wonderful and in depth questions about my career and process. I tried to make it as interesting as possible for a reader. I hope you agree!

Japan Cinema Creative Spotlight Episode #176 - Kevin Ang

Monday, November 19, 2012

New Paths...

So what kind of official art shenanigans have I been up to in the last few months you may ask?

This time last year, I embarked on a new path in unveiling my personal work in a more public venue. I had the chance to do both a solo show and a group show. One of the nuggets I gleaned from the experience was seeing just how my work connects with people. What was even more interesting is how over and over again, people would remark that they see stories in the pictures. A few months later, I found myself in a bookstore inquiring after an art book. They didn't have it in stock, but what they did have was a schedule for upcoming conventions at the store, one of which was a Children's Writers & Illustrators Convention. If only lightbulbs actually appeared above people's heads ...

I've always wanted to do children's books. Up until the last few months, it's been a voice in the back of the theater that's quietly but stealthily climbed forward row by row, until its gentle, but resonant tone could not be denied. I've found out that this audience member is in fact a storyteller, speaking in an ancient tongue, one that I have no choice but to take the torch from. What's taken shape is finding my voice in a writing group, going to conferences big and small, finding new peers in picture book clubs, and generally finding out how rich and fulfilling story is in our lives.

So here's to new adventures...